Merry Christmas

It has been by all of my measurements a very good day. Family together, good food and lights abound. Some good treats, but really the best part has been hanging out with our kids.


And the lights.




And these don’t include Candy Cane Lane. The traditional lane walk is on Christmas Eve, but it just didn’t happen this year. Instead we went to the Star Wars movie (3-D Imax), a candlelight church service, and to a friend’s house for dinner and conviviality.  And it was raining.
So the walk happened today, between linner and dunch. Or the main meal and whatever comes next.

Our meal included some apple rosettes. I had made these once before. Ashlan did a generally better job of putting them together than I had. Tasty addition to our ham, potatoes, asparagus and rolls. Pie for dessert is awaiting more room at the inn.


And finally, our new display for Carl’s mom’s ornaments. We have so many they would need several trees. So we tried a new technique. I rather like how it turned out.



Close up of a few.

Merry Christmas

One Response to “Merry Christmas”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I love the Doris display, and those apple rosettes look scrumptious. I cut out a recipe from the NYT for sardine fennel pasta. Harry said it had way to many ingredients for his taste.

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