Christmas in bits and pieces

These past few days my life has been dominated by work. But I did manage to get one large project on the road, or at least up for sale. See, at the bottom of the home page. Surplus property.

I have been at work way to late every day. I would not have stayed that late on my own, but my carpooler has been in the mode of trying to get everything done before they leave on vacation. On the positive side, it has been productive time for me, and the properties are out for bid.

As noted in the title, there have been holiday moments here and there.






And we had our holiday lunch at work today. It was catered and the food was good. I found out later that what we ate was not what we ordered. The delivery driver mixed up the orders. I only found out because I have to do a second petty cash check. I am curious to see whether it is discounted.
It is raining to beat the band. Last night I had to scrape my windows after work. Next week is supposed to be colder, with even a chance of snow on Christmas.

One Response to “Christmas in bits and pieces”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Why the sad face, Carl?
    Won’t the other reindeer let you join their games?

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