I have survived another year at work.
After 28 years that might seem like a forgone conclusion, but the last few years have seen many people changes. I had my annual review yesterday. One of the discussion topics is short term and long term goals. I find I am tending to think in terms of projects rather than broader goals. We are getting a new hydraulic model, and that would be fun and interesting to use. But with less than 10 years on the horizon I am not sure that would be the best use of training dollars.

If you follow national weather you may have noticed the rain has returned to the northwest. I believe we have already surpassed our December quota. All of the water has loosened the ground and made it easier for the wind to take down a tree or two.
Exhibit A


One of three that fell on our brand new decant facility and car wash. Roof damage, lights loosened and a wrinkle in a support beam. There will be a closer look at the important items today.

Nothing hit the office building. But of course we took out 14 trees with signs of disease that weakened their structure.
The result of the arborist report.


The result of a 2014 windstorm.


In reverse order of course.

I would not mind a bit calmer weather this weekend, .kind of like this.


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