Not, then busy

Carl had a red letter day yesterday. O-negative in particular.

While he was out doing a public service, I was home sawing logs. A protracted session.

I came home early from work on Friday, not feeling well. It helped that I had not carpooled that day, and reached my 40 hours well before I snuck out the door. (I didn’t really sneak, I did tell customer service support (our new term for our receptionist).)

When the morning eventually dawned I was feeling much more myself. Made some coffee and settled down to do some family arithmetic. Receipts, checkbooks, a few bills. I have caught up with Carl’s Phoenix trip and we are on our way to having Mariners season tickets again. (Just try to discourage us with your losing season.)

By afternoon it was time to go out and socialize. I should preface this to say that I really did feel better than the day before. We met several of one of Carl’s old teams to rally for a teammate who is battling cancer. I don’t know his real prognosis, but he looked good and said he is tolerating the chemo, but very tired.

Our next event of the day was a Broadway traveling musical. It considered two life courses possible from one decision made in something like Central Park. Who knew that a central character could be a city planner.


Yes, the lead was that woman of “Let it Go” fame from Frozen. And she does have quite a voice. Perhaps it was the show being set in New York with young women finding their way, but Carl said he could not help but think of Ashlan during the song titled, “What the F**k?”.

It’s a rainy weekend in Seattle, baseball season is over and the Seahawks have a bye, I think a day of newspapers and soccer viewing may be in order.

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