My mind is a blank.
Not really, but it is crowded with things that just need to get done, both at work and home.

And with only so many hours in a day, it is hard to believe I will still waste time on unimportant diversions.

Oh, and I finished a book, The Martian. Great book, and now I can go back and read Mark’s blog on the subject. And to be clear, I don’t place reading in the unimportant diversions. But this book was of the variety that encourage me to read longer and later than is good for jumping out of bed the next morning.

And now too many to do items in my head means my mind is a blank. Unless you want to see the list.

On another list, we have several folks scheduled to stop by the house for an evening or two. One, then five, then two. Not in all that quick succession, just a cluster of scheduling.

On a read carefully noted, one (or five) wrote they were coming to see the Who. Until I followed their link, and it was Dr. Who, at the EMP.

Makes more sense.
We may even join that expedition ourselves.


Fall foliage

And now I must stop this ramble to look up when they are cleaning off the gum wall today.

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