Halloween was rather fun. We brought out the costume bin and tried on different wigs, ears and assorted combinations.


At the Women's Chorus

Here in Seattle it has been the dingy grey of winter accompanied by copious amounts of rain.

I tried to set the bedroom clock to the new time last night. This morning I realized I had moved it in the wrong direction. It’s all good though, no alarms.

We did rise and hit the road for the Purple Stride walk against pancreatic cancer.


Wage Hope

Over to Sagan’s house for soup and Seahawks.

Left before that game was over to head downtown. Dinner in a bar to watch the Mets and Royals. At least until it is time for the Sounders game.

More time in the sun rain.

One Response to “Daylight?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great photos! I actually had to get on a ladder(NOT my favorite thing) to clean out the front gutter. It was cascading over side in the center. I can’t ever remember it doing that before; it could have been that torrential rain. 😉

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