Sunny Fog



Morning is looking bright. Other than work my mind is on the neighborhood meeting I plan to attend tonight. In our neighborhood. To discuss whether we will have the pleasure to pay to park in front of our house.

This is a more complicated issue than it might seem on the surface. I was opposed to this in the past, although some other nearby blocks have had an RPZ for several years now.

Factors that will sway me towards another annual bill include the pending loss of parking on the arterial at the end of the block, in favor of a split off bike lane. There’s already a bike lane. Coupled with lots of new apartments with little or no parking, and being close enough to the university to have hide and ride parking. (Drive to our neighborhood, park in a free spot and take a local bus.)

This is largely due to the light rail stations currently under construction nearby, which I heartily support.

A few weeks ago I was home during the day and realized the 2 hour RPZ parking limit during the day meant lots of parking. Blocks like ours were full.

The other side is the proposal to add parking to both sides of our street ( currently just one side) which I oppose. Adding the RPZ would limit the results of adding parking, where parking hours are limited.

The restaurant on the corner would benefit because their patrons don’t usually hang around more than 2 hours. Maybe they should pay for the RPZ permits.

We’ll see.

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