a funny little story

In our neighborhood it is not uncommon to put items out on the parking strip for others to glean.

A few days ago an across the street neighbor put an add on Craig’s List for a gas powered lawnmower – to give away. And our next door neighbor was mowing her lawn with an electric mower. She must have walked away for a bit, and when she returned, her mower was gone.

She put out a sign requesting its return, at which point the across the street neighbor realizes what might have happened.

So he feels bad and puts another post on Craig’s List requesting whoever picked up the electric mower to please return it to our neighbor.

And the mower is returned.

It has been cleaned, and the gleaner had researched the mower, found there was a recall for an electrical short problem, and that the manufacturer was providing replacements. And even attached the required paperwork.

Now everyone is feeling good about the situation, and people in general.

One Response to “a funny little story”

  1. Margaret Says:

    This is a great story! I love the honesty and helpfulness of this particular group of people. 🙂

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