The fog is lifting

Literally, and we hope, figuratively.



Yesterday it was grey well into the afternoon. Today looks like it will be much earlier.

On a more individual level, I have been dealing with inadequate computer issues this week. Specifically being forced to work on a mini laptop instead of my regular desktop with two large monitors. I am amazed at my drop in productivity.

Printing out hard copies to review.
Almost missing meetings because my calendar is hidden behind many other windows.
And all of those things that just are not quite the same.
Don’t get me started on the Edge. (Not all of our applications work with the Edge.)
And then there is the super-sensitive space bar. Multiple spaces everywhere, and I am not a heavy handed typer.

The laptop is supposed to be used during meetings, and other situations out of the office. For limited periods of time. It has been full time this week, and will continue until the parts arrive to cure my desktop’s ails.

The original diagnosis was bad memory. Now it appears that the motherboard has taken a powder.

One Response to “The fog is lifting”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Computers are the pits. I’m used to my ancient desktop and it’s ready to die. Adjusting to my cell phone, tablet or laptop is unthinkable. However, I will try to manage.

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