Greeks to go

The primary focus of our day away from home was the Greek Festival at St. Demetrious. On Boyer. This annual festival is just the right distance for an easy walk. You have enough energy to enjoy the festival, and feel like you may have worked off some of the food. Today we had gyros, souvlaki, Greek fries and loukoumades. There was more we did not have, but we weren’t trying to spend the entire afternoon.

The festival was quite crowded. I think this probably reflected a slow Saturday when it rained hard off and on. This contrasted with the roads that were empty. Everyone was watching the Seahawks. It was even on at the festival.

We did see the new pedestrian overpass from the UW stadium and new light rail station to the campus side of a major intersection.

And there was this (for all of my Michigan car buffs)


I could not figure out the make until we found this.


A lovely fall day. I hope yours was too.

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