Cubs vs Cards – game 2

I missed game 1, and Carl missed most of the game. Work. What are we on the west coast to do.

We are enjoying game two with the Handleys. At least we are trying. St. Louis just hit a home run. (I am the only one in the room that did not spend part of my youth in the Chicago area.)

And while it is not politically correct to have a favorite child. I guess today it would be Ashlan. Sorry Rey.


It’s a nice afternoon to watch a game inside as it’s pouring here. A very Seattle thing to happen in October.

Hoping for better weather tomorrow so we can walk to the Greek Festival.

6 Responses to “Cubs vs Cards – game 2”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I guess the rest of your crew was overjoyed by the 2nd inning! Love the little quilt.

  2. jane Says:

    make sure to plan free time for next Saturday – UM vs. MSU! could be interesting!!! GO BLUE!

    • Jay Says:

      My phone sports app only goes to the end of the Division series, so I can’t predict our baseball watching schedule for next Saturday. I would love to watch UM vs MSU (so I can route for both teams), but I don’t know if we will have it on our feed. Dad said he could not even watch the game yesterday. He did not take my suggestion to go out to a bar …

  3. jane Says:

    well Harry could have asked to watch it at my place. I even serve beer and wine and liquor for free! the game is at 3:30 ET, so 12:30 your time. new poll has UM at #12 and MSU at #7. College Game Day (ESPN) is coming to town for their broadcast which probably starts at 6:00 am your time…. a bit early for beer, but whatever works for you. 😉

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