Game 2 coming up

We left for Safeco field at about 9:20 this morning. We should leave Century Link field at about 9:00 PM. A long day, but so far so good.

Mariners won their last game 3-2, over the Athletics. We did a fair amount of scoreboard watching during the game.
Before the game we wandered and said so long to seat hosts, alcohol enforcement, coaches and a few players. Carl got four more baseballs, for a season total of 197. Just a few shy of a milestone.
And ichiro pitched an inning for Miami. Makes me wonder whether he is ready to retire.
A few years ago Ashlan went to six Mariner and one Sounder game. All were wins, and one was Felix Hernandez’s perfect game.
This week I have been to six Mariner games and am awaiting the Sounders. My record is 2-4, so far. I guess I don’t have the touch.

Again the weather has been remarkably nice for October. And I have been able to spend time with Carl and friends.


Go Sounders. And don’t let 6 AM come too early tomorrow morning.

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