The last home stand

Baseball season is drawing to a close. At least here in Seattle. And because the only thing Seattle can do is spoil another teams playoff dreams, we have tickets to all of the games ( nobody else wants them ).


I don’t know whether I have been to a full home stand all year. It is addition to work.

That said, the weather has been remarkably nice for many days in a row. High in the 60s, lower by the end of the game – requiring a warm jacket. Unless you are Carl of course. And the others attending the game tend to be interested in baseball rather than just making the scene. The guys have been hauling in the balls during batting practice, and making friends giving their prizes away.

Morning comes early.

And the moon has been bright enough to wake me up every night this week.

I am taking off Friday to celebrate fan appreciation day. And of course there is now a chance of rain.

Saturday we will be joined by friends from out of town for the final weekend, and Carl just pointed out that the Mariners game on Sunday is followed by a Sounders game that evening.

Perhaps I should have taken Monday off instead.


This is the Silver Foxes. Their season ended last Sunday with a double-header. They finished second in their division.

One Response to “The last home stand”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    That’s a good looking bunch of guys! One might even say they were foxy!

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