Remember when you listened to your grandparents or parents complain about their health and ailments? We should have listened a little closer – it was probably more about their healthcare provider and working the insurance maze/scams etc. I have officially become old this past half year.

Having a kidney stone out of state has made the jumping thru hoops to get payment ten-fold difficult. Doctors tell you they’re going to do something, and just don’t.

Is it the gray hair?

Is it just elder abuse and all the fun they get from that?

Are they just trying to find the worst HOLD music of all time?

Trying to not cover procedures or just making the process so drawn out that you forget must be the motive. Maybe my heart will rupture with stress while on hold and it’ll all be over.

Where’s the fun in that?

[This is a guest post. Or rather a guest rant.]

One Response to “Old”

  1. Pooh Says:

    It takes BIG STONES to go to doctors in TWO different states, not your own, and expect bills to be paid promptly. 😉

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