A Walk Interrupted

I am sitting on the couch, watching bits and pieces of movies. The end of my day and the weekend.

Yesterday Carl had a game. We were disappointed to miss the Mariners honoring Jamie Moyer, pitcher extraordinaire, but we were fine with missing the Mariners dissolving in the 11th inning, losing 11-3. Today several people told Carl they saw him on the big screen yesterday. It took us a few times to figure out they were showing a bit of an interview from a few days earlier, since he was not even at the stadium.

Today we did make the game, and sat in the K section for Felix.


And the Mariners won. Even with Rodney pitching the 8th inning. (And for those not familiar with all things baseball, Rodney is our cross to bear. No lead is safe when he is on the mound.)

Carl felt so good he suggested we walk home. This was after walking to the game as well. And sitting in the sun for nine innings.

The morning started with a short walk of about a mile for breakfast. We met Dan (nephew out of LA) and his friends Michael and Valerie (out of St. Louis) at the Portage Bay Cafe, home of steel cut oats and eggs benedict. Good food and stories.


Yes, pictures of food.

Then back on the road, or sidewalk, for the 5-1/2 miles to reach the stadium. We were entertained by counting bikes participating in the Obliteride fund raising ride. We saw almost 150 riders on the 10 mile route.

I was really not sure about the wisdom of the walk home. I had not taken a long walk for well over a month. Starting with a loonng version …. Well we did survive.

As I said earlier, I am sitting on the couch.

Bonus for today: picking up a new used baseball mitt for Carl to replace the one that blew out again yesterday. We were browsing in the Play it Again Sports store. I pointed out a Wilson A2000 model. Apparently it is a reasonably good glove, with the right price. I only mentioned it because it reminded me of the Nimbus 3000 of Harry Potter game.


That’s the new mitt.
And now it’s time to stand up.

3 Responses to “A Walk Interrupted”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard many people swearing about this Rodney fellow! 😉 Love Jamie Moyer; he was my late husband’s favorite player.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Glad you and Carl met up with Dan, Michael and Valerie! I didn’t know how much time they would have outside of the wedding stuff.

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