The Bacon Scale

We spent the last four days sleeping in a hotel. It was a good hotel. Close to the center of our activities, relatively roomy, and wi-fi enabled. There was a game room with foosball that provided a few moments of fun, frequently at my expense. And then there was the continental breakfast. Best I have experienced in quite a while. Between the breakfast and all of the other eateries we came up with a new scorecard. The Bacon Scale. There was bacon everywhere and in everything. Burgers, eggs, salads, and of course solo.
It really should be the Bacon and Sausage Scale, as we tried many different types of sausage to go with the bacon.

We managed to see a baseball game while out and about. Imagine that. And a Mariner win to boot. (I have no idea where that saying comes from, but it sounds right.) Felix Hernandez was good but not great. It was fun to be in a different ballpark and share some time with other fans of both teams. (And Carl got four baseballs.)


The main reason for visiting was to see Bob. The kids came too so it was a real family vacation.


three generations



Steve in his environment


And now it’s back to the grind. Coming home with no further plans over the next month it feels like summer is already passing into fall.

Please be kind. This was written on my phone on the plane.

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