This and that and louder

So we have been back home, rather briefly in fact. But a few notes on interesting bits along the way.

Do you know that when you fly out of the Chippewa County International Airport you have to remove your fudge from your carry-on baggage for inspection. Like it was your computer, or C-pap machine, or shoes. Even as a TSA pre-check I had to dig through all of the stuff above the fudge in the backpack to pull it out. And yes, many, many people at this airport would be carrying fudge back home. [This is the Chippewa County Airport of, “Boarding at Gate 1,” fame.

Voting – there is an election on Tuesday, we have to vote by Friday. I have all but one figured out. I like these early preliminary races because it lets you read the statements of the less than likely to be elected. Goodspaceguy has been in several races over the years. And yes, I believe he legally changed his name.

Work has been excessively busy. A side effect of taking a few weeks off. And today I learned that there is apparently an, “Appropriate amount of crap.” Being in the sewer business, I have now been tasked with determining what that amount might be.

The Mariners can’t win consistently – still. They won two games in a row a few games ago and that was news!  But that doesn’t mean they can’t put on a good show. (WAIT FOR THE END)

Camera phones – can’t ever get it quite straight.

That’s the Blue Angels if you couldn’t figure it out.

One Response to “This and that and louder”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Fudge, plastic, same consistency, one is just sweeter

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