Vacation Blog – the first half

Baseball games and a birthday.

The vacation started with a few baseball games to celebrate Carl’s (FOY 14) birthday. We ended up seeing 9-1/18th games, more or less. Depending on how you count. I am not even sure how the Toledo Mud Hens fared versus the Durham Bulls. [I could ask Rey, but he is currently in class.]

The Tiger’s game had some extremes. Some of the initially interesting, but really bad fans behind us for most of the game. Yet getting to spend time with relatives that rarely go to games, at a game. The Tigers lost, but did not drench us with rain. (That was so last year.)


The Cabin

The next day everyone headed north. Actually, a few waited a day or two, but the population between our cabin and the next blossomed from 1 to 16 in short order.

old cabin dan

The Old Cabin housed – 10 then 12 then 10 to 8 currently, slated next to go to 5 then 7 then 4 then 3 then 2. Ok you math geeks, what is the next number? And there are wild cards that can be played at any time.

12 pushes the sleeping capacity close to the maximum, although I think there was one more cot in the shed. It also pushed the bathroom to the edge. Jane declared that only 3 were allowed to use the indoor facilities, and the rest were to go to the outhouse. I am not sure how successful her admonitions were, but the outhouse has seen more visitors this week than it has for many years. On the positive side, it was great to see everyone – the entire family of my parents + a new arrival.


Ashlan & Allen

The plus one is Allen, Ashlan’s boyfriend. Imagine meeting almost the entire extended family at once. Brave soul.


Rey’s work plus more

The next day, I think, we accompanied Rey to one of his work places. Quite the gig if you can get it.

whitefish point sign

78 Steps - the top

78 Steps – the top

After touring most of Whitefish Point, and killing our fill of mosquitos, we headed over to Tahquamenon Falls. First toured the lower falls by row-boat (thank you Allen).



Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

The upper falls were spectacular as always. Note the tannin in the water.

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

The weather has been generally good. Cool in the morning (40-50’s), warm in the afternoons (70s), and a really good rainstorm one day.

Oh – and did you notice that we did not see a full two games on July 1st?

FOR THE NEVER-ENDING WEEK: 7-1 through 7-9

Baseball Game smiley

Kidney Stone sad


(Anniversary – which I completely omitted from above. Our 30th, Pooh & Mark’s 35th)

Constipation sad

USA, USA, USA (Women’s Soccer)smiley

To Da John, To Da John, To Da John-John-John sad

8 Days of Pain sad


Surgery in Stirrups (found humorous by most women present) sad

Happy Days are Here Again smiley

Vacation Starts smiley

BEACH DAY sunglasses

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  1. margiegf Says:

    The blog is funny! But I imagine that that’s only in retrospect.Something about that cabin seems familiar. 😉

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