Boats afloat – and a beach day!

Last night’s sunset (and a boat)


Today’s calm waters (and a boat).


Today was basically a lazy beach day. Almost too hot on the beach. Calm waters. Kayaks wandering by, and walks down to Doelle’s in the water. Saw 3 or 4 frogs in the creek at one end of the beach, and a dead crayfish and small fish (not a minnow) at the other end. More seagulls that just will not stop talking, and a few ravens yelling in the woods. One sounded so human that I was starting to wonder if it was one raven and a harasser. In the end I decided it was too buggy in the woods for anyone to be playing this game. Made some progress in my book and Carl continued to write postcards.

Played a new game called Paperback tonight.
It involves making words out of letter cards with points, fame points, wild cards, and took a while to get started. There are several different types of cards and set-ups, and not all types of cards are used if you play the easier version. A cross between Scrabble and Dominion. As usual my brain would lock when trying to think up words that would work with my letters. Rey and Mark were more on the tactical side of drawing and gaining points. Pooh had some words that were more wild cards than recognizable letters. Rey won. (I got second.) I am ready to play this game again. And maybe we will add in the advanced parts before the end of the summer (or next week – which is more or less the end of my summer vacation).

Tomorrow will be an early rising to get one party to the airport (2 flights a day – one at 6:30 AM), and two others (and their bikes) to St. Ignace for the start of an around the UP ride. (Upper Peninsula for any that don’t just know) Meanwhile, we will continue to laze around the beach.

Carl at the bat and on the mend.

Up to bat, leading off for the Birch Point Beach Bums ...

Up to bat, leading off for the Birch Point Beach Bums …

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