Wednesday is the new Thursday

For many years Thursday has been the worst day for commuting. I don’t know why, but you could count on extra time in the car or just stay late. Over the past six months Wednesday has started to rival Thursday. I don’t want my decision on when to leave work to become a traffic check.

But most of my traffic woes are during the evening commute. Morning drive time has a fairly direct correlation to time of departure ( as does the toll rate).
I am riding this morning so have been able to catch some jiggling sights.


Mount Rainier


The new 520 bridge under construction.


That is one of the bald eagles on the light pole. Yesterday both adults were on display, and word is they have eaglets


Lake Sammamish

Not a bad ride.

2 Responses to “Wednesday is the new Thursday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Are many people working 4 10s? That would make Thursday better than Friday, but Wednesday? The traffic is just horrible, PERIOD.

  2. jane Says:

    similar, but not nearly as bad I’m sure. There is construction at the intersection where my office building is. Which is also very close to a busy highway exit. ANYHOO — I left at 5:00 on Tuesday to hurry down to Top of the Park. Traffic was awful! and I was later than expected to the first of the evenings entertainment. But all of it improved when we went to dinner at Dominick’s and had sangria, and then back to TOP for music, beer and people watching in the beer tent.
    There’s a new set-up/location for TOP this year, which means there are 2 beer tents, which means you must find “your people” before you get in line for beer, because you can’t move from one tent to the other with said beer.
    Will you be in town for potential TOP attendance next week? Aside from baseball games, of course.

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