Good morning Seattle

This is the third day of the time change. I go with the spring forward/fall back mnemonic, but I couldn’t tell you whether we are now in PDT or PST.

This has been my easiest change springing forward that I can remember. I think it is because we actively accepted the change and more or less planned for it. We got up relatively early both weekend days. To watch soccer. And went to bed reasonably early. As soon as we got home from the soccer game on Sunday night. (Sounders 3 – New England Revolution 0. And besting New England in just about any sport is a good thing.)

Opening Day 2015 - Our view from the red circle

Opening Day 2015 – Our view from the red circle

The more alert change was not because we are forward thinking planners, but because Carl had a flight that required a 3:30 wake-up call. That’s right. He is basking in the Arizona sunshine.

And I will admit that last night about all I managed to do was make dinner. Hopefully tonight I will get to those chores that I planned to do during my time.

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