And thus ends my week alone

Just the work week.
What started in the wee hours of Monday morning will end a bit past midnight tonight. Bookends at Sea-Tac.

I had plans to get some much needed home administration tasks completed, filing and taxes. But neither got so far as up to the desktop.

Instead the week has been work, dinner, dishes, lunch making, tv and Soduko. This filled the usually 3 hours before bedtime.

I still have this evening, and bedtime will be much delayed today.

I guess it takes more than a few days to transition to a more efficient evening routine.

On a somber note I want to acknowledge the passing of author Sir Terry Pratchett yesterday. His work has afforded me hours of entertainment. I may even still have one of his books in the glove box, waiting for a drive with Rey.

3 Responses to “And thus ends my week alone”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Intrigued by Pratchett (half-listening to NPR this AM) but never read his books. What would be a good starting point? (Hope this isn’t toooooo dumb a question.)

    • raincharm Says:

      The Colour of Magic is always a good place to start. Another favorite of mine is a book he co-wrote with Neil Gaimen, Good Omens. And i think you would enjoy his witch series. Rey is the real expert. Just thinking about this makes me long to be sitting on the beach, reading.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    KW, I can bring some to the cabin this summer.

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