Plan B – Indigenous!

The evening all started because yesterday my carpooler said he was not planning to go “home” after work today. He was planning to go to West Seattle, but could drop me off downtown where I could catch a bus.

As it turned out Carl did not have work in the evening due to a grandparents arrival.

We hatched a plot to meet downtown and go to the Seattle Art Museum to look around in general, and specifically see their new Indigenous Beauty exhibit.

Like all best laid plans, my carpooler decided not to go to West Seattle and Carl was running a bit behind schedule.

Plan B – Meet at home, bus downtown, see the exhibit, grab some dinner, bus home.

It turns out that first Thursday is a free Art Museum month.
When we arrived it was fairly quiet, but when we left the museum was buzzing. And the exhibit had some really nice artifacts, and some newer creations as well. The basketry was especially intriguing.

When we got to the grab some dinner step, our plans changed again.
We had planned to go to Tacos Guaymas, just a few dozen steps down from the museum, literally. We were dismayed to find the restaurant was gone.

The restaurant across the steps had a 45 minute wait, a bit too long at 7:30 PM.

Luckily, the restaurant at the top of the steps was only a 2-minute wait.
It’s name is 1000 Spirits, (thirsty thursday?) and they did have a wall of bottles. And some advertising artwork. Including a Strohs Beer ad. I stuck to wine, and Carl to beer. (On a work night too.)

A full meal, and it was time to wander back to the bus.
Nice to not have to drive home, or deal with parking.

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