Spring Weekend Walk with a Spring

We got ourselves out into the sunshine by 11 AM this morning.
Not bad considering we had made breakfast, Skyped with the boy, worked on our ticket technology, and finally made it out the door. It was a rather unhurried morning, unlike the rest of the week. Yesterday Carl was so multi-tasking out of the house that he wore his belt inside out. [Try it. It is not as easy as putting your shirt on backwards. But he managed. I think it is because he was using a right-handed belt.]

Beautiful sunshine, but a breeze to aid the nip in the air.

I had read a review of a new meat-centric restaurant within a few miles of our house that sounded intriguing. So we started in their direction. However, the boy had pointed out to the man that the UW baseball team was playing a double-header, and there did not seem to be enough time to eat first. So we took note of the actual location, grabbed a cup of joe from the Starbucks across the street (of course), and headed over hill and dale toward the campus.

There were all sorts of collegiate sports underway. Basketball, track and field, rugby, and baseball. We arrived at the ball park near the bottom of the first inning and found our seat in the sun. I would get hot, and then chilled, and then hot … I finally put my jacket over my shoulders. We basked through to the seventh inning stretch, and decided the Huskies could hold their 16-1 lead over North Dakota.

2-28-2015 (6)

Back up to the top of the campus, where we found a Ski Hill, black lager, and bratwurst at Shultzy’s.
The remainder of the walk really did become a slog. Mostly up hill, and burdened with our meal.
About 7 – 8 miles in all. Not bad for a lazy, sunny weekend day.

2-28-2015 (3)

Now I am ready to sit back and massage my feet.

3 Responses to “Spring Weekend Walk with a Spring”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I did so much yard work today that I’ll pay in the morning! However, I also got lots of Vitamin D. Way to go Huskies!

  2. margiegf Says:

    Way to go,Huskies! I love a blowout when my team is doing it. I spent a ton of time and energy in the yard and will pay for it tomorrow. I also got lots of Vitamin D though. 🙂

  3. RegenAxe Says:

    7″ of snow here – time to hit the slopes

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