1-14-2015 (1)

Legal Mary Jane or Legal Dilation?

Back on the regular work schedule this week.
Sleeping is still a night-to-night adventure.

I worked late tonight – meeting stuff, very dry.
Driving home I took the toll bridge instead of the freebie.
When you are at the pay or not pay junction, there is a sign that tries to help by telling you the time to reach downtown Seattle from that point.
As I pass this sign at about 8:53 PM, it suggests 97 minutes by toll, or 75 minutes by free.
This would normally indicate really backed up traffic, but I was flying at 60.
Maybe they meant 9.7 minutes, but the sign just isn’t set up for decimal points.

The downside to this clear road is I hit the toll at 8:57, 3 minutes before the tolls dropped.


For Comparison

For Comparison

One Response to “Pupils”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I hated getting my eyes dilated. One goes back quickly but the other is all pupil. I look very, very drugged. (and it gives me a headache/stomachache)

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