It is winter.
Everywhere else that most of my family lives it is cold.

care of Paulette Zych Attie

care of Paulette Zych Attie

Ship stuck in the ice-jammed shipping channel in front of cabin. Coast guard to right
From a few days ago – ice-breaking report

Not so much in Seattle.

But that did not stop me from getting a cold.

Last Friday I was exhausted coming home from work.
Saturday I barely left the house, and Sunday it was just a slow day.

I did go to work both Monday and Tuesday, but was not moving quickly.

So I stayed home Wednesday and slept most of the day.
And then just could not get myself up on Thursday either, although I did manage to work some in the afternoon.

Friday I had a mandatory work meeting so I begged a ride in with my carpooler and spent the day.
There were moments of near normalcy, moments of exhaustion, and moments of coughing.

Saturday has been a bit better, I even walked a mile in the Seattle drizzle.

That is what I call a lost week.

But I am going to sleep in a bed tonight, and not on the couch.
(It seems wrong to sleep on the couch when you are the sick one, but Carl uses an electronic contraption, so I am more readily portable.)

I need a bed. And I hope my continued coughing will not keep others awake.


We had an unexpected visitor Monday. A cousin’s eldest was stranded in Seattle on her way to Hawaii (school). We were able to stand in, and she got to tour Seattle with Carl and Sagan. I was at work, which given my cold was probably best for her in the long run.

2 Responses to “Cold”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I had a month long bout of bronchitis which has NEVER happened to me. It was awful. I don’t know that I’ve ever coughed so much or for so long. We need colder weather, so that we’ll get snow in the mountains, but I don’t miss driving in the stuff down here. Hope you’ll feel better soon.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    It’s interesting that the ship is up-bound. You’d think they’d all be trying to get out of L. Superior, rather than going for one more load.

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