What a range of emotions.
Happy to be in the playoffs, bad start, worse start, resignation, happiness, surprise, joy, elation.



Except for the happy to be in the playoffs part, all of these emotions were also displayed by the dozen small children at the party for a certain 4 year old. The birthday party morphed into the Seahawk party. In the end I am not sure which party was better.

Couple of Twelves

Couple of Twelves

I am glad we got to watch the game with others. It was easier to commiserate, and ultimately celebrate the Seahawks win over the Packers 28-22.

The next two weeks ought to be fun. The town was certainly rocking today.

Seahawk Superbowl Shrine

Seahawk Superbowl Shrine

I wonder if Arizona will be drier than either of the venues for today were? One of the announcers in the Seattle game said we went through 4 seasons in the first quarter. I am not sure about that, but we certainly went from a downpour to rain to showers to sun.

As for the rest of the weekend, it involved work. Enough said.
And both of us are working tomorrow – Happy MLK Day.

One Response to “SUPERBOWL BOUND – AGAIN!”

  1. margiegf Says:

    I kind of wish I’d been watching with someone because I wouldn’t have been able to turn the TV off and do some therapeutic housework. Of course my house wouldn’t have gotten dusted and vacuumed either. (I hate dusting!) And watching just replays is nice because I get to skip the frustrations that made me turn off the game in the first place. 🙂

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