A long rambling tale of our long ramble

Today there are a lot of sports going on, and yet we are not going to a game.

The day started with a little bit of bursting. Those 15 minute workouts that are all the rage.
If I can get myself oriented in the correct direction in the morning – I will try to fit one in.


This morning I did manage by getting up to watch soccer (Premiere League) and then taking advantage of the half-time break.

Coffee followed, along with the second half. (Of the game)

Eventually we managed some broccoli and juice and decided it was too nice not to walk.
While mobilizing the phone rang – it was the Seattle Mariners calling for Carl.
Apparently he has been elected the Mariner Fan of the Year for 2014.

A 3-Fez Day

A 3-Fez Day

We do not know who the nominating party was, but he has made it to many, many games (including 4 Mariner games on the road). And his distinctive headwear has provided fodder for Mariner announcers and cameramen. (Or is it camera-people, or just cameras. The one nearest us is unmanned, unpersoned, remotely operated.)

So on that note we headed out.
Earlier that morning Rey (in Tennessee) told us that there was a Husky Football game in Seattle. Both Carl & I were sure there was not because neither of us had noticed the orange traffic warning signs. But as usual, Rey was correct.

We decided to walk into the football storm just to see the throngs. (That is a storm of people, buses, bicycles and a few cars. Not to be confused with a real storm, like the one that delayed the Michigan game.)

It was an amazing spectacle. Purple as far as the eye could see. Rows of buses, and most on foot.
And of course those that come by boat.

The line of boats in the background are moored for the game.

The line of boats in the background are moored for the game.

We finally left campus and struck out into northeast Seattle neighborhoods.
A goal had materialized in the form of a grocery store where a friend works.
Plus, we needed a little nourishment.

As we were approaching the grocery store, we found another location for a little rest.

Our friend Ronnie

Our friend Ronnie

This was not a stop for fries, but at a house that supports families who’s kids are undergoing medical treatment at the nearby Children’s hospital. Finally the last half block to the Metropolitan Market.
Two bananas and a drink later, we set out in search of an establishment serving breakfast.
The first (up a hill that was higher than we wanted to walk up) was on to lunch and dinner, but I made the decision to keep going because they were vacuuming, and I hate the sound of a vacuum.
Next was a place that only served breakfast, but only until 3 PM, and it was now after 4.
Another restaurant materialized, only to have closed at 3 PM as well.

Carl then determined he would make us breakfast, and all we needed was cheese and bacon.
Whole Foods beckoned as it was on the way. Bacon and cheddar were soon in hand, or rather in bag. (This is Seattle, and if you don’t bring your own bag, you have to pay a nickel. We did – in part because we have run out of paper bags. A few years ago that would have been unthinkable, but now we try to use less paper and more cloth. And I really don’t miss those piles of plastic bags!

Finally ready to head home, we stopped at Starbucks.
Carl took this opportunity to get a coffee. I started checking scores for all of those sporting events we were not attending this weekend. Mariners losing 4-0. Huskies losing 14-0. Sounders losing 1-0. University of Michigan losing 26-10 and “delayed”. Almost all of these scores changed, but it was a much better day to take a walk than be a spectator.

But come Friday – we will be in the middle of the action with the Mariners.
I doubt they show the “first pitch” on broadcasts, but imagine it in your mind. With a fez.

3 Responses to “A long rambling tale of our long ramble”

  1. jay Says:

    A 7 mile ramble.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Congrats to Carl! He deserves that honor from what I can see. 🙂 Ashley shopped all the time at Madison Market which was very cool. (but expensive) Make no mistake, the Huskies are terrible this year, in spite of their record.

  3. jane Says:

    If Carl throws some high heat, he might make it on to SportsCenter. They certainly show the ‘bad’ first pitches, so maybe they’ll do a compare and contrast. 😉
    And I was at the awful U-M game. Long, rainy, lightening filled walk home.

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