Days of Note

So I was going to write a story about my summer vacation. But it got late, and there are some more interesting items to mention.

1. We are now the proud parents of a college student.
Rey had his first class today. His second class is not for another 5 days.
I guess this is what you call a slow start.

College boy (note he is reading a book)

College boy (note he is reading a book)

2. Tomorrow my mother is getting the cast off of her arm.
Broken elbow be gone. Healed elbow – show yourself.
You can see the green monster in the picture below.

My father has been a real trouper through this ordeal.
While Mom had to deal with the pain and suffering, Dad has to pick up the slack – and then some.
He was chief cook and bottle-washer, and now took on more because a one-armed person just can’t do as much when they are used to having two arms.

Beer on the beach - pre Thud Club

Beer on the beach – pre Thud Club

Now a funny story about the picture.
[This is a third party story, as I was busy getting beer and was not present for the show.]
Mom and Dad are each enjoying a beer.
[There was a lot of beer available due to a wedding a few cabins down.]
You may note that the chair has a slight tilt.

What you can’t see are the 4-6 people sitting on the beach several yards from the parent’s shady perch.
Apparently Dad was reaching down to either put down or pick up Mom’s beer.
As he shifted his weight, the chair started to list further.

Jane (daughter #3) exclaimed, “Look, Harry is going to fall!”
And it was a very slow list to the point of no return, so almost everybody present had the time to turn and watch the fall to its horizontal state.

And lots of laughing ensued.
And the tale was told and retold through the evening and subsequent days.
It will probably become lore.

I do know that nobody was hurt.
I don’t know if any beer was spilled.

2 Responses to “Days of Note”

  1. jane Says:

    I’ll just make a few corrections to the Thud Club story. I said ‘Harry – are you tipping over?’ he said yes as he continued on his way over. and yes, everyone had time to turn and watch. LUCKILY no beer was spilled because he was putting mom’s empty mug on the ground.

    the ground there is moss and grass and sand and blueberries – so a very soft landing, and potentially a snack!

    I would also like to point out that the student pictured above not only has a book, he has a beer. but safely seated in a beach chair so you’d have to try really hard to tip him over.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love that story! We still tell the tale of my grandfather leaning back in my parents’ recliner and tipping it all the way over. He was not a small man and had had a few glasses of wine. 🙂 Good for Rey, slow start and all!

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