Birthday Girl Doris

Happy Birthday to Doris!
I won’t say how old she is, unless you are into math problems.

She is the same age as the last two digits of the year Rey was born.
Rey is now 27 years old.

Carl & Rey arrived fairly recently on a trip that the two of them started in Colorado.
I am not sure exactly how they managed to get this group picture – but it is a nice one.

Carl, Doris, Rey & Bob

Carl, Doris, Rey & Bob

So – Happy Birthday Doris.
And in your honor, we are having a beach day. Really the second in a row.
Tomorrow I may blog about the first – which turned into one of those days where just a lot happened.

2 Responses to “Birthday Girl Doris”

  1. Margaret Says:

    85? 🙂 My older daughter just turned 28 and was born in 1986, so it was an easy math problem for me.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Oops, I went the wrong way–she’s 87. Ouch.

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