Work & Play

I have been trying to focus on a few bigger projects at work.
But then I get distracted by trees falling hither and yon.

Yes, we are decimating a part of the lovely woods next to our office.
Growing area needs more bits and pieces than our current site can hold.
We are putting in a fueling station for emergencies, and will use it regularly, and an area to dump soupy dirt where the soup will be treated before flowing into the storm system.

My office has a somewhat front and center view to the trees coming down, except for the small stand that will remain – that is right outside my window. We actually still retain about 3-4 acres of trees.

And there was the first set of loggers that dropped a tree in the wrong direction, landing on the fence, missing the one car left and hitting no people. (This may be a repeat of a story.) The replacement loggers are a much more efficient bunch. I know because the building shakes several times a day as the big pines come down.

There have been a lot of sports going on across the nation.
Of course football seems to be garnering the most press. Unless you’re Jeter.

But we have our own minor celebrity moment coming up.
Fan of the Year.
Which apparently comes with a big screen story (they wanted to know how to spell your name, Ashlan). We did try to supply them with a few pictures,

10 years old - Kingdome

10 years old – Kingdome

and they got the dates of all of the home runs Carl has gathered over the years.
And today we found out that we have 8 seats in the Commissioner’s Box and they are making a uniform (Jersey) for Carl. He is leaning towards 14 for the number. It is 2014, he wears 14 on his Silver Foxes team, and it was his favorite player’s number growing  up (Pete Rose).

Our only worry now is that Carl will still be under the weather on Friday.
He came down with a nasty cold, and spent most of today resting at home.
He has been trying to breathe the steam from boiling water with tree tea oil, and it seems to be helping.

2 Responses to “Work & Play”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I hope his cold leaves him quickly. Mine is lingering on maliciously, which is different, IMNSHO, than me being a malingerer! Trying to read a story to kindergartners yesterday, when my body decides to have a coughing, sniffling meltdown. “Kids, chat quietly now.” Seemed like it took about 5 minutes for me to get myself under control, then of course, I had to get the kids back to order too.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Almost everyone I know has a cold right now! That is awesome news for Carl and the family. Are there any links to the story?

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