Last few days encapsulated.

Let’s call this first bit, before Carl left.

It is Wednesday.
Work / 2 because I left at halftime.
Drive, drive, drive, drive, drive, drive.
That is to work, home from work, down to SeaTac (airport), kiss-kiss-hug, home, down to SeaTac (errant cell phone in hand), home.

Let’s call this second bit, after Carl.

Life can sometimes seem focused on work and food, so lets stick with those.

Juice (new day)
Pizza & Salad
Broccoli (new day)
SALAD (as in big salad)
Stumbling Goat OMGood. <– Seriously, really, really good! both food and friends.

In the meantime, several states away, Carl is missing his work so much that he tries to become an ankle-biter himself. Something about a wine glass, not quite a catch, and 4 stitches in his ankle. Not sure I got the entire story, but I was just about to stumble out of the Goat, and a bit distracted myself.

3 Responses to “Last few days encapsulated.”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Seeya next week Cuz!

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    We’re practicing beach days for you! See you soon. –Pooh

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