The English Premiere League came to town today.
The Sounders tied Tottenham-Hotspur 3-3.

In my mind the Sounders won because they scored two goals from the flow of play, and Tottenham only one goal.
The other three goals were scored from penalty kicks, and one was for a hand ball that really could not be avoided (hand already occupying a space when a ball was kicked into it from about 5 feet away).

They  even started the game with an 18-year old on a Make-a-Wish grant by starting for the Sounders. He took the kick-off down for a shot on net (saved by the goalie), and then was subbed out. It was  very nice and he had been able to spend several days training and hanging out with the Sounders as well.

I thought I might be able to add a little bit about Tottenham, like where they are located. Except that I did not know. So I went to their web-site. No real location information, but they did have a nice bit about the Make-a-Wish event with pictures of their players. Continuing on my quest, I put their pitch’s name, White Hart Lane, into Google-maps. It shows the site, and it is either in London, or north of London. I realize how little I know about the London area. Saw several other English Premiere League stadiums noted on the map as well.

Anyway, I feel like I am drifting away on a tangent – and am sort of tired.
So I will close with our close brush with an athlete of note.

Roger Leveque, retired Sounder, was standing at the front of our section during halftime.

Roger, close enough for my camera even.

Roger, close enough for my camera even.


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