Peace, Love & Potbelly

I was checking off many of my many to-do items tonight.

Most of these included use of a computer.
There was a pile of to-do’s because we were computer-less this last weekend – as it went in for an upgrade.

It does seem to run rather seamlessly now – so thank you to my IT guru.
One of the minor items on the list was handing over some baseball tickets.
The recipient is originally from New York City, and getting ready to take a visit with his family to see more of his family and some sights.
I was trying to tell him where Ashlan’s store was located, and had to go to the Potbelly site to figure out which store was hers.

Luckily, once I have found the right store – I am sure I am in the right place.

GM and Perky too

GM and Perky too

Now, there was a bit of a name issue. But we will just gloss over that.
And for those that read last week – tomorrow I am first on the agenda.
Of course – this is during the All-Star game, but we all must make sacrifices.


2 Responses to “Peace, Love & Potbelly”

  1. jane Says:

    Hey! I know her! Hi Ashlan!!!

    as for your city council mtg, tomorrow is the start of Art Fair, and therefore the temporary liquor licenses granted last Monday will be used by all those businesses for the next several days. sadly, with a little of the polar vortex swinging by, beer sales might not be what they hoped for.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Nice photo!! And you know that you won’t have to wait around and get tabled if you’re first on the agenda. Now to prepare yourself (again) mentally!!

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