The Long Weekend, er Homestand

This year’s Memorial Day weekend is aligned within the longest Homestand of the Mariner season.

It started off well, I got a ball tossed up to me in batting practice by the eventual losing pitcher. Yesterday Carl went to the throwback to 1979 game, and had some fun.
First we went to view some retro artwork, and came away with this gem.

Lockwood Dennis is the artist.
Then Carl decided to recall the days when his hairline was fuller.


The cameraman was involved in setting up at least one of these shots, but Carl went willingly.
Today I have been convinced it is Saturday. I put this down to work.
I think they need 2 of me. I have wondered if I did not take any new work, how long it would take to finish everything already in front of me, or more likely to the side of me in one of the piles of files.
As we were driving to the ballpark today, I was trying to come to grips with my day of the week issues and casually noted that I thought we were going out to Ivar’s  Salmon house in the coming week, and what day might that be. [This brings to light the loss of my weekly white board calendar to the remodel. With the schedules gone it seemed something we could do without.] Carl said he thought it was a weekend dinner, and could it have been Saturday? If I had thought it through it would not have made sense to be yesterday, as it was a night game, but I panicked a bit, because our current paper calendar was at home. Then I remembered the on-line reservation and confirming e-mail. Good thing the “Smart” phone doesn’t deal with aging memory issues. Turns out we are going out to dinner TONIGHT!
On the kid’s end …
Ashlan got an A from the NYC Health Department. (Note to all kids, the grading never ends.)
And Rey somewhere encountered a bug that would give a food establishment a failing grade. Some poor timing (is it ever a good time to feel poorly) added to his misery. He did get to try out his new health plan through Obamacare, although that final grade will wait for the bills to arrive. Good news is that, while some symptoms persist, he is feeling better.

Back to baseball. Today is a Little League day. Best team seen walking was from Nanaimo. Vancouver Island, from another country even.

Now to enjoy the rest of the game.

2 Responses to “The Long Weekend, er Homestand”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Too much work and too little time, I know that feeling! Glad Rey is feeling better, but it sounds miserable. 😦 Congrats to Ashlan. I heard that the throwback Ms played like they did in the 80s too. Ugh.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Glad you got your days and reservation figured out.

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