Carl’s Birthday Suit

I can’t believe I did not blog at all in June.

I put it down to being busy, less than creative, and perhaps just plain lazy.

Lately my “spare” time has been spent watching the World Cup. In past World Cup years we have obtained cable TV for the summer, since so little was on regular TV, and then ditched it at the end of the summer. When we moved back into the house last year we bit the bullet and got DirecTv with a sports package.

This year ESPN or ABC has carried all of the World Cup games. They are even on during the day in our time zone. Of course, I usually work during the day. That means my nights and sometimes mornings have been spent watching soccer, sleeping in front of soccer games, and then trying to remember who played whom.  The days when there were 4 games were especially tough.

Now that we are to the knockout round the viewing has slowed to a dull roar.
I did play hookey from work yesterday to watch the US vs Belgium.
It was worth it, even with the end result. A fun game. Howard (goalie) was phenomenal, and our hometown player, Yedlin, got to play a good part of the game and did very well. (So did Dempsey, also a Seattle Sounder, but Yedlin grew up in Seattle.)

Carl was in full Carl mode.

Carl's Birthday Suit

Carl’s Birthday Suit

If you watch any of the soccer, this is nothing. There was no face paint.

After the match, Dennis, Carl and I walked down to Ivar’s Salmon House for dinner. It was 94 degrees (hot for any day in Seattle, and especially for July 1). Carl declared that this is the last 3-sock day for four years.

2 Responses to “Carl’s Birthday Suit”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love Carl’s birthday suit–he looks like a crazy Santa! (only skinnier)

  2. raincharm Says:

    Well you are half right.
    I was looking back at some fairly recent pictures of Carl on the blog, and he seems to like getting dressed up. Maybe all of those little girls he has cared for have had an influence.

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