Happy MOM’s Day


We walked down to the stadium today for the Mariner’s version of a day at the park. In addition to giving mothers a white baseball hat, it is little league day and the kids get rope necklaces (choke chains per one of the ushers).

I don’t think either of my kids are making a surprise appearance today. Rey showed up last year, complete with his arm in a sling. This year he is taking a day off in Tennessee. But I did get a ball tossed to me by Tim Collins (KC Royals)

Ashlan is heading to the Cloisters. See the May 1-2 post for a picture of her there last year with her door. I asked her to take another picture there today to see if she has grown any. (You know how you make notches in doorways to chart your kid’s growth.)

We upgraded our seats today and are directly behind the plate. The one drawback is that we will be in the shade on this sunny day.


I am almost tempted to suggest we walk home as well, going up the left side of Lake Union. A billionaire is refueling his ginormous yacht there. I did not take a picture of it from our vantage point east of the freeway this morning. (Is it odd that ginormous is in the cell phones dictionary of word suggestions?)

Carl has set a precedence by walking to the last two Mariner wins, and driving to the loss. He may get into really good shape if this holds true for a few more games.

Happy Mothers to all you mothers out there, but especially to Doris and Gene.

One Response to “Happy MOM’s Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Alison was at the Ms game last night–good one for her to see. She also bought a hat. This might be the year to wear it! OMG, I love the Cloisters. (one of my favorite places in NYC)

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