What are 2 days of rain following 5 days of sun

A weekend in Seattle!

Carl has been diligently trying to get some long walks in.
And the rain gods have been following his efforts closely.

Yesterday he got about 3 miles into a 7 mile walk and called for the support Prius.
It was dumping buckets.

Getting wet on a walk is not the end of the world (or we would rarely walk in Seattle) but this particular walk was to be followed by a 2 hour stand in the elements.

Yes, a Seattle Sounders game.
It is best to start these dry – just because it is more comfortable.

We spent the last few rainy hours before the game eating dinner at a nearby establishment, and then hanging around the interior of Century Link Field. That is the dry interior part.

the DRY part of the stadium

the DRY part of the stadium

Which brings us to the game.
One of our rules about living here is to never say, “It could not rain any harder.” The rain gods only like to show you that yes they can make it rain harder. I am not sure whether either of us said these words before the game started, but one of the 38,516 in attendance surely did.

Luckily we had brought our 2009 vintage Sounders ponchos. That means that the third layer of clothes down stayed relatively dry.

The Sounders prevailed over the Philadelphia Union, 2-1, and all of the goals were scored in front of us.
That is to say at our seat’s end of the pitch, which means we can see what is really happening. Fun for us, except when it is the other team scoring.

And this morning, as the clothes from yesterday were drying on the rack in the basement, Carl set out again. Just a short 3-mile jaunt around the lake.

But the rain gods found him and turned him around, twice.
Instead of risking a 3rd wetting he made an executive decision and went to Starbucks.

I wonder if Starbucks makes more sales on a sunny or rainy weekend?

[Trying to make my peace with the weather, I read for a while in the car. Listening to the rain on the roof reminds me of the cabin. Car reading/working is an old habit of mine that started in at CSU in 1981.]


One Response to “What are 2 days of rain following 5 days of sun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I stayed in yesterday instead of running and it was a good decision. I enjoy jogging in the rain(have to around here) but not the torrential stuff that was dumping yesterday. LOL about “it couldn’t rain any harder,” because I never say that either. Glad that the Sounders made it worthwhile to get wet!! 🙂

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