Today was a very busy day.
In some ways it was less busy than the preceding week, but really just a culmination of the last few months.

Yesterday was the real start, visiting the apartment, getting keys, plunking down the first month’s rent.



So clean and pristine.

And now WE ARE MOVED. mostly.
There are a few hangers on at the house. Like all of the freezer food, and a few other odds and ends. Like the piano.

The piano was scheduled to leave today, but the taker could not muster the truck and strong arms. (June 1 is a very busy day for trucks.)
Which brings me back to the start of our day. After breakfast that is. Off to the storage facility to get their truck. A free use for renters when you sign up. This was a 17- footer, with a 10′ 3″ clearance.

Back to the house, where a few willing participants showed up to help load and move – more stuff to the storage unit. Jim the carpooler, Mark the friend and baseball enthusiast, and Dan the neighbor joined in the fun. This was primarily big stuff, with some boxes thrown in. We were done with this exercise by 10:30, which was good because Dan’s son had a game at 11:00.

Next it was time for the big push. Essentially everything not deemed garbage was destined to leave the house.
I mentioned that we had been busy at this packing task for the last several weeks, and yet there were many things not packed. Some because we used them up to the last minute, like the computer. Others because Carl and I have a slightly different view on what being packed looks like.

One of our heavy lifters was a pusher – move everything as fast as you can. With some care. He had a pretty good eye for the tertiary game playing out in the back of the truck, so I tried to hold my need to get things packed just so in check.

Our move in window was 12-3. During that time we got to block the alley with our truck, and hold the elevator open with a key. This made the move, move. We had one person at the truck, loading down. Two on the elevator runs, and myself stationed on the 5th floor, moving things from the elevator into the apartment. We started a bit after 12, and were finished by 1:30.


Now, the things are in the apartment, but they are not situated.


The best movers we could have asked for.


And then, it was off to Carl’s baseball game.


This is a new team for Carl, the Silver Foxes. They played a team that normally dominates, and turned the tables. They played reasonably good defense, hit well and won 5-1. Carl pitched 5 innings (5-9), and got the win. He also ran the bases, scoring one of the runs. (In the past few years, he has used courtesy runners. He is much happier playing the full game.)

After the game we went to a bar for talk and food. Then it was back home to get a few more essentials (coffee and coffee pit), and head to our new domicile. Once there all we could manage was a bath/shower and finding some clean underwater.

Carl is peacefully sawing logs, while I post via my phone, since the great internet does not arrive until tommorow.

We are on the during again tonight. Comcast arrives tomorrow morning for internet and TV. And we have to make the final move from the house, so it is contractor ready.

4 Responses to “Whew”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    So you typed it on your phone. Good, that explains some of the peculiarities I noticed. Autocorrect is wonderful, except when it isn’t. Here are my guesses: tertiary = Tetris, coffee pit = coffee pot. Couldn’t figure out “we are on the DURING again tonight.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Hilarious auto correct! I so admire you for this massive undertaking. I would be totally stressed, but you don’t sound like you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ Or are you pretending?

  3. Margaret Says:

    And don’t forget some clean underwater. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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