A bit of a different day

Moving continues.
My day started with unpacking.

Making decisions – especially when those decisions were whether to keep something in the apartment, or move it to storage. Also waiting for the Comcast guy to show up and provide us with Internet, and a new bit for us – Cable TV.
Carl spent several hours making a few trips to the house, and doing some final laundry at the house and moving a ton of cinder blocks from inside the house to inside of a smaller house. (Pictures to follow at some point in the future.)

I did get tasked to take a trip to the house to bring back some pieces Carl had not brought back. And of course I found more as well. Some to bring home, others for storage, and a small bag for a neighbor (goes with the bass they are housing for us). In return for this storage bit, he provided a jar of margaritas.

After gathering the last load of laundry from the dryer, and unscrewing the pencil sharpener and some drawer sliders from underneath the sink, I finally returned to our new home. Still in a huge state of upheaval, a lot of the kitchen stuff has been put into cabinets. There are many boxes ready to go to storage. But the bedroom has not been set up, so it will be one more night on the “during”.

We had a date with Rey to Skype. I was late getting back from the house, but we finally connected.
And about that time we started sampling the margaritas.
They were strong, as reported by the maker’s significant other.
They were also good.

I think our conversation may have been a bit more animated than usual.
But perhaps that was just my altered perception.
They may have been as parental as always.

But – packing has essentially stopped for the evening.

I need to figure out what to set to ensure we get up in the morning, so I can get to work.
One of the interesting bits of this move is we have only one parking spot for our two cars.
The other car is at our house. Which is also where the newspaper is still being delivered.

Just a few details to figure out.

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