When we got home yesterday evening, I planned to write a blog post, if you can call my posts writing.

Instead I think I had some yogurt and fruit, and then went to sleep on the couch.
Oh – there was a brief Skype session with the boy, and a mild attempt to look at the crossword puzzle.

But at 11:30 I changed sleeping venues until this morning.

We also rented Storage Unit #3 – hopefully this will do it for us.

The next big event was a, “Meet the Author,” followed by the Mariners game.

The author was Lucas Mann. His book Class A, Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere.
While attending University of Iowa, studying writing, following the Clinton LumberKings.

He indicated that he was not really more than an average baseball fan, and doesn’t consider this wholly a baseball book, but rather about the people and situations that exist with Class A baseball, and particularly in Clinton, Iowa. Clinton is a depressed small town, and the team is community owned. The players are transient, but the fans are steady. It looks to be a good read.

And, it took 13 innings, but the Mariners finally won a game.
We sat in the 2nd deck with others that had attended to book chat.
It was a nice change to watch from a different vantage. Particularly because the folks that we were with were welcoming, and generally like-minded. It was also a little league day, so there was a good energetic crowd to cheer for whatever was going on at the moment. On the field, and between innings.

Well – time to repeat yesterday’s exercise.

One Response to “Follow-up”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Long, long game. We caught the end of it in a bar for Happy Hour(after the Star Trek movie). The bar crowd went crazy at the win. 🙂

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