Was this a Work Day?

I am so glad I played hookey (sp?) from work today.
It was one of those decisions that happened because of other’s influences, and in the end you don’t know how you would have managed without the decision.

An evening meeting schedule earlier in the week meant that I had to reschedule a contractor/architect meeting from Wednesday until Friday. Because I was asking a favor on the day, I did not try to push the meeting to a late afternoon time so I could work most of the day. It was instead scheduled for 10 AM.

At the last minute (Thursday evening) we decided to try to move some large items to storage today.
Rented a truck.

We wanted a 12-foot truck.
Penske gave us a 16-foot truck for a 12-foot price.

When we arrived, just after their 7 AM opening, they asked who was going to drive.
I volunteered, and tried to give him my driver’s license.
Instead I gave him my ORCA card (One Ride Card for All), which allows you onto all sorts of transit systems around the area.
I pleaded no coffee, and we moved forward.

Driving a truck is just a bit different from driving our small cars.
Let’s just say I only drove over one curb. It took me several back and forths to get around the traffic circle at the end of our block (not a big traffic circle). I also trimmed a few trees in the neighborhood. (10′-6″ clearance required)

We managed to get a load of twin beds (4 of them), a table and some other items over in the morning.
The big part was rearranging what was already in the storage unit to make best use of the space.
It looks like the princess and the pea stack of bedding, with a dis-articulated universal gym on top.

Where a twin bed was.

Where a twin bed was.

Following the meeting we made a second run with a crib, desk, shelving, tall bookcase, papasan, exercise mat and who knows what else.

The stack now has the crib and papasan added. The desk has some items underneath.
A previously moved shelving unit now is loaded with baseballs and teetering on top is a … I am not sure how to describe this item. It is a shelving unit, but long and not too high. No legs of its own. It is now on-end on top of the shelving unit.

Let’s just say that taking apart this unit will require a ladder, and a critical eye for figuring out which piece to move first.
And you would not want to be in the unit in an earthquake.

But when the earthquake hits at our house, you will want to be near the new wall at the new south end of the kitchen. It is a skookum wall. All else may fall, but the wall will stand.

3 yds of concrete (part is now hidden underground)

3 yds of concrete (part is now hidden underground)

Carl is now off to the Mariner’s game. Our good friend, Mark, is season-ticket holder of the day and gets to hang out (with friends) on the field during batting practice, and then maybe throw out a pitch (not sure about this). He and his family get an upgraded seat as well.

I stayed home to check work e-mails and maybe do some work.
I think I need a break before attempting anything that means anything to somebody.
I wouldn’t want to try using my ORCA card improperly again.

One Response to “Was this a Work Day?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m always handing the wrong card to someone–an Albertsons card at Safeway, my library card instead of my VISA card, etc. I think it’s hooky. The e in there looks funny. 🙂

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