I think I work hard.
I know Carl has been working harder.

We have a house meeting with the contractor and architect tomorrow.
The time to move things around is winding down.

Carl has staged all of the twin beds to move out of the house tomorrow.
That is 4 twin beds.
One of which was upstairs and required a door removal and frame deconstruction.

Next we had to locate a vehicle to transport these items out of the house.
The Prius and Corolla just won’t cut the mustard. Or fit a mattress.

One of our storage facilities has a truck that it rents in 6 hour blocks.
We are working around a 10 AM meeting and a 4 PM commitment.
The morning 6 hour block was probably workable, but by the time we made up our mind, somebody else had made our mind up for us. No truckee.

Off to Penske.
Actually Home Depot – which sent me to Penske with a AAA discount thread.
I think we are going to try for the 7 AM Penske store opening, try and move a load before the 10 AM meeting, and see where we are between meeting and 4 PM.
One bonus is that Penske is a 24 hour rental, so there is a bit more breathing room.

The downside of this moving adventure is that the storage room is filling up.
The next question, after we see what we can fit into the remaining space, is how much more room do we need, and whether another storage space, pod, or tent in the backyard is our best option.

We did a little exercise to figure out what furniture could move into our apartment.
Not much.

On the house itself side, the stem wall pour is done, and most of the forms removed.

5-23-2013 wall2

This is how much longer the kitchen will be. All in the name of structural soundness. (Can you see the hold down bolt ends? For the earthquake resistance I believe.) 5-23-2013 wall1

Needless to say, tomorrow will be a home work day, rather than a work-work day.
We need to fit that in somewhere too.
Maybe on Memorial Day.

2 Responses to “Whew”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Even reading this and not living it STRESSES me out. Short term hell=long term gain? I’m not good at long term. Hope it all goes well.

    • raincharm Says:

      I will admit it is a bit of a roller coaster. We did a good bit of moving some big stuff today, so that is helping to bring things into perspective. But the perspective I am getting is that there is still way TOO MUCH STUFF to deal with. I go from calm to slightly frantic. Our contractor was trying to be nice and tell us how well we were doing today. My next move is to try and list everything that is left and decide – apartment, storage, street (free-cycle). Carl started the list today, but I do not have the energy to deal with it just now. The storage list will direct how big the next space is that we need to pay for ……. I am hoping the morning will bring renewed energy. And we signed the contract today, so no turning back.

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