Work goes on

Carl did some more big packing today.
Kitchen shelves are being cleared and sorted.
Some sheets folded and boxed (my contribution).

Work by others formed and poured concrete into the stem wall.

New Concrete behind the boards

New Concrete behind the boards

Getting close to going full bore.

Came home absolutely exhausted from the other work.
I am not even trying to do much tonight.

I think going to bed early, and up in the morning to do some more may be the best decision.

One Response to “Work goes on”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    I’ve been folding sheets for the last few days at work. I’m subbing for the Museum director/gifted teacher. It’s the end of the year, and all the museum exhibits are coming down. We use tons of sheets as backdrops, structural pieces, etc. I have a six-person table covered at least a foot deep with sheets! Not today, though, because today is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Today is field day.

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