There are Faces Everywhere

We took a walk today.
Unplanned, and we were sort of unprepared.

We had our feet, and a compass (smart phone), and were within range of  home.

The folks we had spent much of the last 24 hours with were getting ready to head south to Eugene, and our home was north, so we decided to let them leave and opt for the bus or walk. It was not raining, as had been predicted, so we set off on foot.

5.75 miles and 937 feet of vertical gain later we arrived home.

5.75 miles - vertical route

5.75 miles – vertical route

There was also 881 feet of vertical descent, although I would have guessed we were higher than home at the start of the walk.
Much of the vertical gain happened very quickly, near the beginning.
The program we were using also had us at 37 feet below sea level at the lowest point.
This would be the Fremont Bridge crossing, but we did manage to stay dry.

The reason for the Eugene contingent’s visit was the Sounder’s game on Saturday.
They got to see a great game. Both of the kids are great soccer players. One is driven – practicing on his own.

5-18-2013 Sounders1

Carl and the kids had a great time goofing off.

This morning we finally got to do some serious Seattle touristing, going to the base of the Space Needle, and generally hanging around at the Seattle Center for a bit.

5-19-2013 Chihuly 5-19-2013 Space Needle

James’ jacket isn’t really light blue. It is green. Apparently green clothes make for poor choices when using green screen technology. Some of the other backgrounds offered with the Space Needle Tourist shots have buildings in the background. On those he has buildings in his mid-section.

On the walk home we started seeing faces in all sorts of inanimate objects.
Our favorite.

Savlador Dali?

Salvador Dali?

We also ran into 3 Little Free Libraries. (Libraries set up in front yards. Neighborhood lending)

5-19-2013 Little Library

And a squirrel enjoying some delicacy.

5-19-2013 Squirrel3

The troll was inviting small children in for a snack too.

5-19-2013 Troll2

Now our goal is to get energy going again to get a bit more packing done.
This morning I was working on tents, sleeping bags and winter accessories.

2 Responses to “There are Faces Everywhere”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love that little free library idea. It wouldn’t work in my area, but it is cool. The walk sounds great, especially the dry part of it. It’s sprinkled/rained off and on here.

  2. kayakwoman Says:

    I love those little libraries — have never seen one around here. Packing? Where are you going?

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