Just to keep things going

Today should have been a very productive day.

It actually started out somewhat productively.
While waiting for my carpooler to call I was able to condense some of Ashlan’s school history into a smaller box.
I did not have time to get to Rey’s – that had to wait for the evening.

Finally left to pick up my carpooler, who had biked to the coffee stand.
His bike safely in the back of the car, we started for work.

This is bike to work day, so he was sort of doing his part.
Bike to coffee, and bike HOME from work.
We are about 25 miles away, with some significant hills, so I will cut him some slack.

Crossing the 520 bridge I saw something I had never seen before.

A bicycle in the middle of the bridge.
Actually on the approximately 1-foot wide “shoulder” outside of the travelled lane.

520 is not made for bicycles to use.
I-90 does have a pedestrian/bike path on one side.
And  most of the buses crossing the bridge include bike racks.
And the new 520 bridge, currently under construction, will have bike paths.

But apparently this person decided to make some sort of a point.
I think the point he made was that the expansion joints on 520 were not made safe for bicycles.
Since he was just after one of these joints, I think he blew a tire. Or a wheel.

We had just seen the “Incident Response” truck heading the other direction.
I think he was heading for a quick turnaround to rescue this bicyclist.

Back to work – which we did reach at about the right time.

There is an issue going on at work, and I am trying to sort of stay out of the main fray.
With limited success.

There was a particular issue that I just knew was going to rear its ugly head today, and despite my boss’s assurances that I would not have to deal with it this morning – I did. My boss was at offsite meetings all morning, so it landed in my lap.

We got through it fine, but it disrupted my time, and my brain.

Couple that with some a couple asking us to move a water main.
They claim that the location of our main is adding $200,000 to the cost of their house.
I think the 24 foot tall wall with a temporary pile wall is not required because of our little water main. I think it is because they are digging 24 feet into a hillside.

Oh well. I spent the last half hour of the day leafing through a clothing catalogue.
Even the fun things have deadlines. (This is for logo attire.)

On the house front the forms were removed from the base of our 3-4 foot foundation wall.
I don’t know exactly home much this foundation is going to cost, but certainly less than $200,000.

2 Responses to “Just to keep things going”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I never travel those bridges and would be TERRIFIED to ride a bike anywhere in Seattle! Sorry you had to deal with the work stress. Now that you are home, you can relax. (I hope!)

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    But of course, you’re not digging 24 feet into a hill!

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