Happy Mother’s Day

Actually did not sleep in this Mother’s Day.
I got up and called home.
Spent some time chatting with my parents – a nice conversation.

Did a little work, and then it was off to the ball park for the Mother’s day game.

The Mariner’s provided a bracelet.

Ms Mothers Day

Carl provided a ball.

Mothers Day ball

And then I got the best present ever. A surprise visit.

Reys arrival

All the way from Tennessee, and I really had no idea.
I actually had been mentioning that Ashlan had called but not Rey.
I thought he might be working at a game, so I checked their schedule.
They were in town yesterday, but gone today.

Carl kept this secret. Apparently for many months.
This is no small feat, especially for Carl.

It has indeed been a happy Mother’s day.

group Ms day shot

Love you too, Ashlan.
Thanks for keeping the secret.

One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What a wonderful surprise!! And nice weather for baseball too. 🙂

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