We Pause for Visitors

Rey arrived on Sunday – see the last post.
Ashlan’s flowers arrived on Monday.
Again they were unexpected, showing up in my office when I returned from an afternoon of meetings.

Ashlan's Flowers

Ashlan’s Flowers

Since I was working, Carl & Rey did a little sightseeing.

5-13-2013 Rey+Carl SNb

We joined Ashlan in watching King Felix pitch for the Mariners on Tuesday night.
Of course she was closer to him, but we probably had a better view.

Crown Rey2 Crown Jay2 Crown Carl2

Some of us are more regal than others

Some of us are more regal than others

Kevin was there too, but would not sign the waiver so I could post his picture.

Wednesday morning we had one last chance to hang out for a bit.
A final breakfast before he headed back to the eastern time zone.

Rey Breakfast2

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, work has continued.

5-15-2013 frame for foundation 2

The framing/rebar passed inspection today and the concrete pour is tomorrow.

And tonight Dennis has joined us from Portland. In a few more days we will be joined by four from Eugene. The Oregon connection remains strong.

One Response to “We Pause for Visitors”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Cool photos! I’m glad that Rey(the King) got to see The King. 🙂

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