Opening Day – at last

Opening day is rather like a holiday in our family.

Tools of the game

Tools of the game

But we get to see friends. Some come from Oregon

The Dixon's with Carl & Sagan at the Needle

The Dixon’s with Carl & Sagan at the Needle

Others have been in the city the entire time, but we generally see them at the ball park.

And it is especially nice to be sitting with our seat-mates once again.

opening day seattle1 opening day seattle2 opening day seattle3

And there were lots of new people to meet in our section as well.
Safeco Field went through some reconfiguration over the off-season, and they eliminated most of the lower level left field seats. So many of them are now in right field. Closer to the field, but the angle is quite a bit different. [I think our new neighbors really appreciated the closeness when Gutierrez snagged a fly ball with a dive right in front of the seats.]

Good, crisp game and the Mariners beat the Astros 3-2.
It was a reasonably nice night (no rain), but chilly.
And most people (a sell-out or close to it) went away happy.

Tomorrow it will probably be just a few of us hardy souls.
I am packing my big jacket and long underwear again.

2 Responses to “Opening Day – at last”

  1. RegenAxe Says:

    In St. Louis, the newscasters declare “Opening Day is an Un-Official Holiday”. I got to work yesterday, because someone had scarlet fever, er, tickets to opening day.


  2. Margaret Says:

    It looks like fun and glad the Mariners won. My husband was a huge Ms fan although not into traveling to Seattle for the games. 🙂

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