Injured wing

Carl went out to play at baseball with another team today.
That is they were having a practice.
He pitched, played a little first, and quit when he started feeling that it was a good time to stop.
He did not push it too far.

I think he might be growing up.

Then we got a call from the boy.
Or rather from one of the boy’s friends, while driving him to the hospital.
They were playing some pick-up basketball, and his shoulder popped out while rebounding against another player. Since his shoulder has a history (twice) of dislocating, it was probably a bad confluence of position and impact, rather than a bad play. It sounded like the most difficult of the three to replace, but each of the other times have been approached really differently, so maybe part of that is how each ER does this type of work. He said he thought those with him were more upset than he was when he got up and announced somebody had to take him to the ER. And he only “screamed” a bit when moving the arm to a new position (like getting out of the car).

Luckily his friends made sure he got the ER care he needed, and even got his car back to his apartment.
And another friend will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow to discuss next steps.

And his team’s first home game is in 3 DAYS!
I am sure there are only a few million things to do with tickets between now and then.

I don’t know if he is more worried about his physical state or work items.
I think they start out with a pretty intense schedule the first week. Kids groups, etc.

We were able to Skype. Lean to the left for left-handed typing

Yes - he is right-handed

Yes – he is right-handed

He has a fancy different kind of brace to hold his arm still. Not the normal sling.

Fancy arm holder - looking tired

Fancy arm holder – looking tired

This is before taking any additional drugs (since those from the ER), so we must be pretty funny.

Still able to laugh

Still able to laugh

We are hoping the healing is fast. But from past experience it takes more than a few weeks.
I wish I could jet off and help him out, but I am sure he will manage. He does seem to have many good friends to step in when needed.

One Response to “Injured wing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that he is doing OK and has lots of support. Still a mom wants to be there. I know.

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